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Size Codes
TR = 1/9" Traditional Scale
CL = 1/12" Classic/B-Ranch Scale
LB = 1/24" Little Bits Scale

F1. Elven Halter. Gold or silver with beading & lead rope TR $35.00 CL or LB $34.00

Star Specter sold to Sue Weaver
Star Specter (Open faced)
created for Sue Weaver in 1993
F2. Star Specter: Designed for the Space Warhorse. Great for drafters & hell horses. Made of black leather & decorated with silver hardware. Two versions allow use on horned horses or mundane breeds. Contains: Saddle, bridle, breast collar, crupper, & saddle pad.
Star Specter from Unicorn Woman's personal collection
Star Specter (Open faced) Personal Collection.
Created 1993
F3. Bard's Costume: Medieval type saddle w/breast collar & decorative crupper. Bridle & saddle blanket included. Color Group 7. TR only $245.00

F4. Dragon Scale Armor. Includes bridle, blanket, saddle, & Fantasy Medieval horse barding. Barding is snake skin! Looks like dragon scales! Horn Back Alligator, instead of snake skin, available. Please inquire. Color Group 2 & limited availability from Color Group 7. TR $335.00 CL or LB $300.00


Dragon Scale Armor
Dragon Scale Armor Sample Design
Dragon Scale Armor -- sample design
Dragon Scale Armor Sample Design

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