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The Unicorn Woman's Want List

Occasionally, The Unicorn Woman will accept trade-ins on tack purchases. If you are interested in a possible trade, please look over our Trade-in Guidelines.

Trade-in Guidelines
  1. If you have something on this list and are interested in a possible trade, me with all of the information requested in the below guidelines. Omitting requested information increases the likelihood that I will say, "No." -- I DO NOT MAKE FIRST OFFERS. You must include a price. The information I need to consider your offer is:
  2. If you have something on this list, but do not wish to trade, please note that this list is for TRADE-INS only. I almost never purchase items outright from people contacting me in response to this list. In other words, if you email me with a note saying, "I have items on your list; will you pay cash for them?", the answer will be "No."
  3. All trades must be approved by The Unicorn Woman. DO NOT send any trade item listed on the want list to me UNTIL you have confirmation that I will accept a trade.
  4. Trade-ins are only available on completed tack. Kits, Supplies, and in-stock models are NOT eligible.
  5. Trade-ins are treated like a cash payment. This means that you will need to mail the item in with your order before you will receive your tack shipment.
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