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If you are looking for something truly different, like a Eddie Bohlin recreation parade saddle or a Side-saddle set with Terrier Carrier, The Unicorn Woman may be able to help. We do custom designs. Availablity depends on our Current Work Load. If there is something you would like a quote for, please follow the guidelines below:
  1. Serious Inquires ONLY please. Each price quote given takes approximately 1 hour to complete.
  2. Quotes are free if not exceeding more than 3 per twelve month period. Quotes requested in excess of 3 per each twelve month period will be subject to a $10 fee per item, payable before quote issued. EXCEPTION: For each custom tack/quote item purchased you earn 1 additional free quote for the period in which the tack was purchased.
  3. Send all information you have available regarding the item you wish constructed. Types of items needed for a price quote are: a detailed description, color desired, photos/sketches, articles discussing the item, etc.
  4. You may wish to send this information via snail mail. If so, include a LSASE (large self-addressed-stamped-envelope) with 1 stamp postage MORE than you needed to mail the information to me as I will be returning your references, plus additional materials. REQUESTS THAT FAIL TO INCLUDE THE APPROPRIATE SIZED SASE & POSTAGE will NOT be answered.
  5. Include your name and address with each quote request, whether by snail mail or email. Failure to include this information will delay your quote.
  6. Quotes expire 6 months from date of issuance.
  7. Custom work with quotes are treated like regular orders. This means that if the tack book is CLOSED, your custom tack order will not be accepted until the book is again open. If your original quote has expired during that time, you will need a new one.
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