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The Unicorn Woman's Favorite Model Horse Books
Below is a select list of books that are helpful to the model horse hobbyist. The list is not exhaustive. It is just a list of books that I recommend constantly and managed to find time to record here.

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American Indian Costume Classes by Jack R. Williams (c. 1977, 58 pages) Contact: Appaloosa Horse Club, PO Box 8403, Moscow, ID 83843 ApHC's guidebook for their Native Heritage Classes. This book does not give how-to's, but it does describe the elements of the three recognized costume styles: Brave's, Warrior's, and Lady's. BTW, ApHC's guidelines are the source of the term "Horse Necklace" used for the beautiful breast collar-like tack item typical of Native American Costumes.

Arabian Costumes by Lois Ann Kroll (c. 1963, 47 pages, Softbound) contact:Arabian Horse Association PO Box 33696, Denver CO 80233 Printed by AHA for their exhibitors, this booklet is the best single source I've found on designing and making Arabian Costumes.

Breyer Animal Collector's Guide by Felicia Browell. A collector's guide book that is being kept current by having new editions come out regularly. Color photos.

Breyer Creatures Windows CD-Rom with values & MyCollection tracking. Software program that is a collector's guide and also let's you track your Breyer collection.

Breyer Molds & Models: Horses, Riders, & Animals, 1950-1997 5th Edition by Nancy Atkinson Young (c. 1997, 315 pages, hardbound) The Breyer Bible. Everything you wanted to know about Breyers. A must-have book for the collector! (Values should be used ONLY after reading the book's introduction on the basis used to derive these figures as the prices disagree with many of the other Breyer guides.)

Color Formulas & Techniques for the Model Horse Artist by Carol Williams (c. 1994, 436 pages, spiral bound) The best, most detailed book I've seen on how to actually get a certain horse color painted onto your horse. Excellent book.

Conquerors by Deb Bennett, Ph. D. (c. 1998, 422 pages, hardback) A book tracing the history of horses in the Americas, starting with the horses of the Old World

Draft Horse Primer by Maurice Telleen A fun book about Draft Horses, including multi-horse hitches, logging hitches, farming implement hitches, etc.

GUIDE TO MAKING MODEL HORSE TACK--Scale-miniature Tack How to Book by Susan Bensema Young. The most complete scale-miniature source book currently available.

Horse Industry Directory Updated yearly, this extensive directory lists addresses important to the horse industry, such as breed registries, horse-related magazines, foundations, museums, and more.

Resin Registry--The ultimate collectors guide for information on equine artist resins. If you're a resin artist, be sure to submit your listing

Robin Bledsoe, Bookseller Okay, this isn't a book. Instead, this is a friendly, helpful bookseller that specializes in horse books, especially hard-to-find or out-of-print. She also buys collections.

Saddlemaker to the Stars: The Leather and Silver Art of Edward H. Bohlin by James H. Nottage (c. 1996, 223 pages, hardback)--Lots of color pictures of the great Parade Saddles and other wonderful things that Eddie Bohlin made.

Stone Creatures Windows CD-Rom with values & MyCollection tracking. Software program that is a collector's guide and also let's you track your Peter Stone collection.

The Unicorn Woman's Braiding Cords & Straps for Scale Miniature Tack--by Melody D. Snow

Corona Saddle Pads for Scale Miniature Tack--Booklet available for purchase


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