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Tack Reference & How-to Books
BK1: Braiding Cords & Straps for Scale Miniature Tack by Melody D. Snow (The Unicorn Woman): This booklet teaches how to do basic cord & strap braiding. It combines material from my braiding workshops with some from my kits plus new goodies! It covers braiding basics, Inset Braiding, 3 Strand Flat Braiding, 4 Strand Round Braiding, and 3 versions of 5 Strand Flat Braiding. Booklet is illustrated with black/white & COLOR illustrations. On the color photos, different colored cords are used so you can follow the path of the cord in the braid! Specific projects are not included in this booklet, though you can purchase kits that cover specific braided projects separately. (See below). It does NOT teach knot work at this time, though hints are included for faking knots and braids. Booklet comes loose-leafed and 3 ring binder punched for you to put in your own binder. The 21 page Edition 1.2 is available for US$18.00 (in-stock)

The Kits below use braiding techniques. Instructions for the various braiding techniques are included in the kits in abbreviated form. For detailed step-by-step braiding instruction purchase BK1: Braiding Cords & Straps for Scale Miniature Tack by Melody D. Snow (The Unicorn Woman) in addition to the kits below

Braiding Booklet by Melody D. Snow

BK2: Secret to Making Corona Saddle Pads in Scale-Miniature by Melody D. Snow (The Unicorn Woman): This booklet shares my technique for making top level corona saddle pads that are really fluffy. 30 pages with 30 full color photos. $25.00

More about the Book

For years the top of the line technique for making Corona Saddle Pads was to use store bought pompoms and glue onto a base fabric. I was never satisfied with this technique.

I searched a long time for a better solution. In 2002, I made my first Corona Saddle Pad with my signature technique. That first one proved that I was moving in the right direction. Since then, I've made numerous Corona Saddle Pads using this technique with several accompanying the hobby's best saddles to NAN.

This booklet compiles over 9 years of experience to give you directions on making top-winning Corona Saddle Pads!

And, because many have expressed the desire for Top Level Tack Instructions, I didn't cut back on the booklet size, but gave you the FULL DETAILS on how to make Corona Saddle Pads. This 30 page booklet contains 30 full color photos, showing samples and steps for making Corona Saddle Pads.

Topics covered:

  • An Introduction to Corona Saddle Pads
  • A Survey of Different Methods
  • The Unicorn Woman's Signature Technique
  • Detailed instructions on how to make a corona pattern from your saddle pattern or from an existing saddle.
  • Charts showing the correct measurements for color changes, gauge depths, velvet roll width, for Traditional (1:9 to 1:10), Classic (1:12), and Little Bit Scales (1:24)
  • A Chart of common mistakes that can destroy a project & how to fix them.
  • Also, included is the NEW, just released, method of making Sheepskin Linings (This technique can be used for Corona Saddle Pads and for lining Western Saddles.)
  • Care & Use of your Corona Saddle Pad
  • A Bibliography to guide you in further research

This booklet comes loose bound, ready for your 3 ring binder, so you can add notes or reference pix easily.

Don't waste time trying to figure things out yourself. Don't settle for instructions that skimp on the details. Get the best!

corona booklet cover

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