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Live Show First Aid Kit
Original Version Printed in EQUINEWS, June 1995
Updated to current hobby standards July 2005
copyright 1995, 2005 Melody D. Snow

No matter how good your miniature tack is or how hard you prep ahead of time, disasters will occur at live shows. Be prepared! The following list is split into two sections: tack/model repairs and other goodies. Adjust the list to fit your showing style.

WARNING: Some of these items are dangerous. Young showers should have their parents approve all items included in their Live Show First Aid Kit.

For Tack & Model Repairs:

  • Some extra buckles and jump rings, assorted sizes.

  • Pins: Straight and safety. These are often overlooked, but I've tightened up costume breast collars by pinning directly to the costume blanket.

  • Small ruler (optional)

  • Scissors. I use the small embroidery type. They are sharp and don't take a lot of space. However, I don't use these on paper as it dulls them, so maybe a second pair for paper would be a good idea.

  • Needle & Thread. Some costume repairs can be sewn. I suggest black, brown, and white thread. To save space, you can wind a few yards of each on piece of cardboard.

Other Goodies:

  • Camera with film and extra batteries.

  • Aspirin or favorite pain killer

  • An Antihistamine, if you are subject to allergy attacks. Some shows are held in conjunction with real horse shows and the dust, horses, etc. can really stir up allergies and ruin the fun of the day if you aren't prepared.

  • A snack. I like the fruit bits. Other good ideas are raisins, nuts, granola bars, cans of juice, etc. Avoid sugary stuff. You'll be able to get those anywhere, while things with a bit more staying power are harder to find.
Article Copyright 1995, 2005 Melody D. Snow

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